Lesson 3 practice 1 System.Data.DataRow[]' to type 'System.Data.DataRow

I am facing below error on lesson 3 practice 1.

As per given instruction I assigned the values to “clubMembers” variable and it is type is “Datarow”

Assigned value to above variable is names.Select(" [Club Member] =Yes “)”

Error : "Cannot assign from type ‘System.Data.DataRow[]’ to type ‘System.Data.DataRow’ in Assign activity ‘Assign’."

I am not able to find the solution in given answer.

Could you please to solve this.

Kind regards

clubMembers type should be dataRow[] (array of dataRow)
To do this

  • click the Type section and select Array of [T] .
  • In the dropdown menu that appears, select Browse for types .
  • In the subsequent variable type menu, search for DataRow .
  • Double click the result under System.Data that is named solely DataRow .
  • Click Ok to finish creating the array of DataRows

this is because “select” will return multiple rows and a single DataRow cannot accomodate all of them. So you need an array.