Cannot find column in csv file

Hi all,
i’m getting error when i run it the program.
My error is => “Assign: Column ‘Semt’ does not belong to table DataTable.”

My csv file :


and Code screen :


@yigit.aybey can you upload the csv file

You can use the output to data table (as a string) to see in the logs how the CSV is being read as a data table. or run in debug mode and use the locals panel.

I would also check if there is any whitespace after the word?
Maybe open the CSV in notepad. (6.9 KB)

In such case we can set a breakpoint
debug the xaml and get paused
open immediate panel and type in: YourDataTableVar.Columns and check the column names

change your delimiter to SEMICOLON, then it should work


Please check if your column name has any extra Spaces.


lol . mine was comma.


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I found it where i did mistake. i checked the solution :slight_smile: but thx anyway.

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