Cannot extract the embedded font 'CLWABL + Arial-BoldMT'

Scenario: PDF - Image exist element

I’m reading a PDF and trying to find a image with image exist element but I got this error.
Cannot extract the embedded font ‘CLWABL + Arial-BoldMT’ some characteres may no display or print correctly.
I appreciate your support.
Thank you.

Hi ,

*It sounds like the problem lies with the pdf file itself and not the reader. Have you tried it with other documents?

*You could also try uninstalling Adobe Acrobat reader and installing the latest version from Adobe’s site.

*go to “Help > Check for updates” and get the latest version

*You can try to open up “Preferences” in Reader and see if the “Use local fonts” in the “Page Display” category will change anything.

Hi ddpadil, I updated the acrobat reader and I unchecked the Use local fonts configuration but It doesn’t work.

Did you try with other PDF too?
Did you reinstall acrobat ?