Cannot Disable Flow Decision

This is a general question; the Flow Decision activity has never been able to be disabled. Why not? I am debugging and trying to understand the processing time. Especially if there are multiple flow decisions, this can impact the nuances of development. I understand the workflow itself is not necessarily impacted.
Flow Decision UiPath

Hey @chaz.jenkins

From my understanding why it is not allowed to be disabled is because in the flowchart, flow decision plays a major role in creating different execution paths based on the condition outcome. So, if it is disabled, there is no way of linking the paths below that to the activities that are placed before the flow decision which will actually break the entire flow.

So I think what you can do is, instead of disabling it, you can direct the flow arrow of the activity that is placed before the flow decision to one of the activities after the flow decision to ignore the execution of the condition.

Or else, you can use the debug option. For that, you can create a break point on the flow decision and run the program in debug mode. Once the execution reach the break point, it will stop there so that you can check the time taken to execute the tasks before the break point.

Other option, introduce some write lines or log activities to log the execution time so that you can monitor the performance