Need help in Designing Flow

Dears i need support if i have 2 task one depend of one i want if the first task have issue in result system not run the second task
i know there is opetion in Ui path that i can stop task but i don’t know how i can used this option please need yours support to expline that for me and give me steps

thanks all

Dear All

No idea about this issue

Hi @Mohamed_Abbas

if you are using the flowchart method, you can use the Flow Decision activity. So basically, you will check whether the first task is successful or not first, and add the Flow Decision activity below that, check for the condition, and you can decide if success, what to do, and if not, what to do…

If you are using the sequence method, you can use the IF activity to check the same condition.

Or else, add a Try Catch block, check the first task there, and based on the status, if its an error, do some exception throwing and stop the process, else you can continue the workflow…

Hope it helps!!


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