Cannot create unknown type '{}ShouldStop'


I’ve deployed the application on the end-user’s PC on the UiPath assistant along with whole packages.

However, running is failure and having the below error massage

Cannot create unknown type ‘{}ShouldStop’.
at System.Xaml.XamlObjectWriter.WriteStartObject(XamlType xamlType)
at System.Xaml.XamlWriter.WriteNode(XamlReader reader)
at System.Xaml.XamlServices.Transform(XamlReader xamlReader, XamlWriter xamlWriter, Boolean closeWriter)
at System.Activities.XamlIntegration.FuncFactory1.Evaluate() at System.Activities.DynamicActivity.OnInternalCacheMetadata(Boolean createEmptyBindings) at System.Activities.Activity.InternalCacheMetadata(Boolean createEmptyBindings, IList1& validationErrors)
at System.Activities.ActivityUtilities.ProcessActivity(ChildActivity childActivity, ChildActivity& nextActivity, Stack1& activitiesRemaining, ActivityCallStack parentChain, IList1& validationErrors, ProcessActivityTreeOptions options, ProcessActivityCallback callback)
at System.Activities.ActivityUtilities.ProcessActivityTreeCore(ChildActivity currentActivity, ActivityCallStack parentChain, ProcessActivityTreeOptions options, ProcessActivityCallback callback, IList1& validationErrors) at System.Activities.ActivityUtilities.CacheRootMetadata(Activity activity, LocationReferenceEnvironment hostEnvironment, ProcessActivityTreeOptions options, ProcessActivityCallback callback, IList1& validationErrors)
at System.Activities.Hosting.WorkflowInstance.ValidateWorkflow(WorkflowInstanceExtensionManager extensionManager)
at System.Activities.Hosting.WorkflowInstance.RegisterExtensionManager(WorkflowInstanceExtensionManager extensionManager)
at System.Activities.WorkflowApplication.EnsureInitialized()
at System.Activities.WorkflowApplication.Enqueue(InstanceOperation operation, Boolean push)
at System.Activities.WorkflowApplication.SimpleOperationAsyncResult.Run(TimeSpan timeout)
at System.Activities.WorkflowApplication.BeginRun(AsyncCallback callback, Object state)
at UiPath.Executor.RobotRunner.d__91.MoveNext()

This should not be in the feedback section.

Hi @bintalas,

Are you facing this issue only on end user’s PC? Is it working on your machine?

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Hi @sonaliaggarwal47 ,

yeah it’s working on my machine but it’s not once publishing it on other PC’s.

my apologizes for that, i will noting this for the next time, can i update it directly from here ?

Hi @bintalas

Please make sure that both machines have access to the same activity package feeds and/or packages copied over locally.

Hi @bintalas,

Please ensure, all packages deployed on your machine and end user machine under below folder are same:

Also ensure required package feeds are enabled.



Which role in Orchestrator did you put for the users running the job?

Best regards,