Make for each row start at specific row in datatable

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Im trying to make an for each row start at a specifik row in the datatable. I have the entire flowinside a try/catch - and after an error i want to reboot and start again from the next row… (and skip the one with error…)

There must be some easy way to make the for each row skip the first rows and start from the next one. (I have logged the current row with “DT.Rows.IndexOf(row).tostring”…

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You can have one counter index of row from which you want to start the loop and you can use while of condition rowcount is less than dt.rows.count, inside while you can perform whatever actions which are necessary only thing is you should access row items with dr.rows(rowcount).item(col)


Thank you!! Thats an easy solve - didnt think of that!!

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