Cannot communicate with Internet Explorer browser : UIPath 2019 version

Hi all,
Any proper fix for this issue ? Suddenly started facing this issue.
Prompt: Cannot communicate with Internet Explorer browser
Activity: Open Browser


Have you tried web recording based on open browser


Most of the times either Active Scripting is disabled or the oleacc.dll is unregistered.

Also try to upgrade UiAutomation pack to 19.5, we’ve added a fix to allow injection in the browser when using Enhanced Protected Mode.

hi @cnegrut,

I got the same issue on version 19.6.0, and also performed your provided solutions but the issue still happening.

Can you or anybody share the experiences about this issue? Thanks

You need to assign permissions Read, Read & Execute and List Folder local group “ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES” on %userprofile%.nnuget folder . Go to properties of this .nugget folder → Security and edit permission → Add