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Hi, can anyone explain what is AppFiles variable in UiPath apps and how to use it to bind a image in UiPath apps?

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In UiPath Apps, the AppFiles variable is a built-in variable that allows you to manage and use files (such as images, documents, or other resources) within your app. It provides a way to store, reference, and display files directly within your app’s interface.

how to use it to bind a image in UiPath apps :slight_smile:

  1. Upload the Image:
  • Navigate to the “Data” section in UiPath Apps.
  • Under the “AppFiles” tab, upload the image you want to use.
  1. Bind the Image:
  • Drag and drop an “Image” widget onto your screen or component.
  • In the “Image” properties, locate the “Image URL” or “Image Path” property.
  • Click the “Bind” icon next to the property.
  • In the binding editor, select the AppFiles variable as the source.
  • Choose the uploaded image file from the dropdown list.
  • Save your changes.
  1. Preview the App:
  • Save your app.
  • Preview the app to see the bound image displayed on the screen or component.

Hello @Sanjeev_Kumar4

In UiPath Apps, the “AppFiles” variable is a special variable used to store and manage files, including images, that are used within your UiPath Apps applications.

To bind an image in UiPath Apps using the “AppFiles” variable:

  1. Firstly, Upload the image you want to use to the “AppFiles” variable. This is typically done in the “Resources” section of your UiPath Apps project.
  2. In your UiPath Apps application, select the UI element (e.g., Image control) where you want to display the image.
  3. Set the “Image” or “Source” property of the UI element to the URL of the image from the “AppFiles” variable.
  4. Use AppFiles Variable as the Image Source: In the “Image” property, you can use an expression like AppFiles.GetFileUrl("ImageFileName") to dynamically set the image source. Replace “ImageFileName” with the actual name of the image file you uploaded to “AppFiles.”

By this, image from the “AppFiles” variable will be displayed in your UiPath Apps application, and you can easily manage and update the image as needed through the “AppFiles” variable.

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