How can i use Image variable

how can i save the image which i take in take screenshot activity it is stored as a variable but how do i retrieve it


Please see


actually what i should put in output of take screenshot activity im asking

A variable of type Uipath.Core.Image
As it says here:

thank you i got it

Hi @Jebarohith19

Use Take ScreenShot Activity create output variable.
Use Save Image Activity in properties pass the Image output variable of Screnshot and FileName pass the path.


Kommi Jeevan.

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it shows save image failed what should i do now


input image means pass the output of take screenshot.

i did same as u only but it is showing error in filepath everything is correct only

send screenshot of workflow

The path should also contain the name of the image and the extension you want. for example Pic.jpg

“D:\New Folder” change to “D:\New Folder\img.png”

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thank you it is working fine now…but it is not taking entire page screenshot?

it is just taking a part of page

You can modify the Take Screenshot Selector to fit your needs.

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how can i modify it? by putting * ?

drag image how much you want

yes thanks @kommijeevan

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