Cannot assign the items in my example to the new datatable (SOLVED)


Im very new to this and have no programming background which kind of makes it a bit harder :slight_smile: Ive tried to “copy paste” the training example “filtering companies before 2005” But i do get stucked…

When I get to the “for each row” and choose “get data row” I cannot type in the same text as in the example in “input ArrayRow” ( see my screenshots) .

I guess something more needs to be prepared but I cannot find what…

The field which you are filling only accepts array try to chosse second option ITEMARRAY

Hello @Manne_Bjornsson ,

Can you post screenshots also with the activities, not only the properties?


I dont know how, but after the third time dleeteing the section and setting it up again, it worked. I must have missed something somewhere. BUT THANKS for your quick support. I will reach out here again for sure :slight_smile: