Cannot Access the indicated browser window

Hi Community,

Currently i am trying to use the element exist tool to detect wording in another new tab. But it give me the error when i want to use element exist tool as per screenshot below :

May i know how can i fix this error in this case?


If you are using chrome or any other browser apart from INTERNET EXPLORER
Pls make sure you have installed the extension of that browser
For example if it’s chrome install the chrome extension before trying to access the elements in that web page

  1. And if you have already installed those extension
    Then let’s give a try restarting the UiPath studio

  2. As a next step if that doesn’t work then upgrading the UiPath System activities and UiPath UIAutomation activities packages in your studio by going to MANAGE PACKAGES

  3. If that doesn’t work still then use different modes of accessing the elements
    Go to UIExplorer and click on UIAutomation button and try with three different modes of accessing the elements

These three methods should work with one or another

Cheers @SH_94

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what browser and application is that?

Check selecting using other framework in, you can change the framework by ctrl + f4

also try attach window first and then check if the window is getting selected once done, try to add other activities inside and check.

At the end you can inspect the target page and check the webpage layout and containers, that will help you to understand the selector component on that webpage. then try to generate the selector components i.e., attribute, tag and try if that is getting validated

Hi @Palaniyappan ,

I used google chrome and i able to download the attachment from this particular website.

May i know what else it could cause this error?

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I have updated the comments with further steps

Hope that would help you resolve this

Cheers @SH_94

Hi @rahulsharma i @,

I used google chrome and my company website to download invoice. Normally i can download the invoice from this portal. However, some invoice it may not applicable or corrupted. Hence, when i click it, it will give me error in the new tab.

I would need to detect the error and ask Bot to close the tab

Thank you.

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Hi @Palaniyappan,

May i know normally what version of packages that we need to install?

Fine then keep that particular activity inside TRY block so that if it fails it will go to CATCH BLock Where we can let the bot to continue further with next transaction or the button or the file to be clicked

And for this

Make sure you have the latest version which would have the bugs fixed

Cheers @SH_94

So the element you are selecting is for the confirmation that there is some issue, right?

High chances are that element is having some timeout to disappear after it pops up. So when you select it is there but by the time UiPath detects element data for selector, that element vanishes.

try to pause the selection of element by using ctrl+f2 and then generate that element for selection ans select it.

as other parts are working fine that means your extension is correctly installed. Just try different framework using ctrl +f4 and try to generate that element by pausing element selection


For Identifying the new tab in chrome, Use Attach Browser activity and indicate that tab element

Hope this may help you


Is this issue resolved @SH_94
Pls let know for further queries

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