Can you let me choose where I download things please?

So this is a trend accross multiple activities, but the Integration stuff is the worst offender.
Can you please let me decide where I download files to and the name of them, instead of forcing them into the location you want, usually Temp folder, which then requires me to mess around moving and renaming them.

For example, the activity to download a Sharepoint File.
I need to pass the item I want to download, no problem. But after that I have no say.
You just give me a ‘Downloaded file’ object, which is a O365DriveLocalItem, the annoying iLocalResource thing that is just making all the activities harder to use.

Please just let me pass the File Path where I want the file stored. Make it optional if you like and save it to the temp location if its blank, but honestly I feel you are breaking the first principle from the SOLID coding standards by deciding for me where a file should be downloaded to.