Download file from sharepoint with 365 issue

I need to download a file from SP but the variable drive doesn’t work


Could you please change the type argument.
It seems you’re using the 1-Dimentional array instead of Microsoft.Graph.DriveItem


Already the good type argument


Do like this:

Take one for each and pass the DriveExcel variable

Then use download file activity pass the item in download file activity

Try this and let me know


What do you mean by take one for each ? plz

Its taking array!

Are you searching for particular file in a folder?

In this case it is taking the 1-dimantional array.

So take one for each and pass the find file or folder output

And inside the loop take the download file…


Can you show me plz ? i don’t really understand what i need to do

you can download it without using office 365 by using simple click activities.

how can i do that ?


Use http request. To download the file to your folder.


click activities.

can you show me plz ? i am not familiar with this but if its possible i prefere using 365

Have a view on this thread!!


do it as you manually do…by simple clicking on the sharepoint then click on the specified folder in which file is saved,select the folder by using select activity then the option menu will pop and then select the download your file will be downloaded…
Hope its work.

its not safe for my process to do it this way

why.could you pls tell me the reason

its because of confidential reason but i really need to use 365

Hello, I try what you say, take one for each and pass the DriveExcel variable for my 360VIR, and thanks to you it’s work! Then I use download file activity to pass the item in download file activity and at least can download file. Thanks THIRU_NANI!