Can you create a library of test cases and reuse the test cases


I’ve been working on creating libraries in Uipath so that the descriptors and tasks can be reused across projects.

I’ve been able to add test cases in libraries by converting tasks into test cases. After publishing the libraries, I’m able to import the package into a test automation project and access the test cases. I can even run them, however, I do not get the test summary results in the project.

I’m not sure if creating a library of test cases is recommended or not. Seeking some guidance here.

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Hi @mj75

So here you have an option to import test cases from other peojects into your project so the capability you have to reuse is to import and use them in your project from other but not to create a library and re use. Hope this clears. Test cases of a project or library are coupled to that project or library. If you need to reuse import them where you need it


Thanks, @Anil_G . I’ll try this out.

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