Can we use Windows legacy activities in Windows compatibility projects, by changing the version of the activities package to the desired windows legacy version?

I have been thinking about this issue for a while, and I know that a project created in Windows Compatibility cannot be changed to Windows Legacy.

A new project must be created in Windows Legacy to create the entire process

What I was thinking was that what if we simply changed the activities package version we are using to the required windows legal activities package version?

Do you think it will be helpful

If possible, how can I find the Windows legcay version of that particakur activity package?

Hi @sagar.raval

So you wont see the legacy packages in Windows and windows packages in Legacy. That is how it is. If you open manage packages you will see that. But yes…One help you might get is if you downgrade in windows then may be you would be able to copy paste the activities across


Didn’t understand what you are trying to say , Do you mean i have to change the entire windows version

If we run UIpath Studio!! in Windows legacy settings from the Windows properties panel, what happens?

Once the windows compatible project is opened, simply copy and paste the activities into the newly created window legacy project

Hi @sagar.raval

So say you have two projects one is windows compatible amd other is windows legacy compatible for simplicity lets say wl and w

Now if you downgrade to old packages say 20.* or 21.* which are little older then there might be a possibility for you to copy the activities from wl projects to w projects. So that you need not recreate whole.

But as both wl and w are having little differences in packages you might not be able to copy all the activities across.

This way you can try migrating from wl to w or vicecersa. But as I said it is possible only for few activties but not for all.

Hope this clears


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