Can we use UiPath for monitoring web application?

Use Case: I want to track user’s activity on a specific web application
When the user visits the web application and views the certain module then I want to scrap that data in realtime and extract it into excel

Note: Web application is developed and owned by third party

I am fairly new to Uipath, before exploring futher just wanted to know whether it is possible to monitor and scrap the user’s web browser activity against the specified site?

Hi @ganeshd ,

We have developed similar use case to monitor 20 applications in our organization. we have created simple work flows to launch, login and performing basic navigation.

We are calculating the time taken for each step like launch, login and navigation and comparing the threshold value which we have already set in config xls. so that bot can send performance alerts.

And also we are checking the downtime like when we launch we are getting any system down error message we are capturing and sending downtime alerts to business.

We are storing all these details into data base table and showing this in graphical representation like charts and analytics by using power BI.

We are running the above process 30 minutes once so that bot will monitor all the applications and sending alerts if any.

As per my experience answer for your question is by using uipath we can monitor the applications but it is not so sophisticated for monitoring for comparing some other purely monitoring tools like solarwinds etc since the pure monitoring tools only used for monitoring they have so many options for effective monitoring. it is good use case All the best for your automation with UiPath.

Thanks for the response. In short, we can say that uipath automates the workflows but it can not monitor and record user real-time interaction

Hi @ganeshd ,

In specific way we want to understand the behavior of the application like if user and bot would be having same generic I’d and application can accept multiple sessions at the sane time. We can monitor application and extract the data entered by user by checking the information on the application.

For this we have to schedule bot in five minutes and less so that it will monitor in real time and extract the values.

Or three is another way we can use orchestrator services as rest api and if possible the mentioned third party application can consume our orchestrator api so that whenever user creates any data in application it automatically triggers the job to get the data. This is very efficient way of realtime monitoring and extract user data experience. But only challenge third party app should consume our orchestrator api.