Can we use Swagger API Calls to perform Create, Update and/or Delete operations on credential assets in Orchestrator?

We are trying to build CI/CD pipelines using jenkins. Presently we are able to manage all assets as a part of deploying the bot to other environments. My question is; can we use it to do the same activities for Credential Assets well?


Yes we can use api for asset related activities as well.

Please check the swagger


Hi @savantsa ,

I believe there is a similar topic already here :

Check and let us know if this was helpful.

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Thank you for your message. I know you can use swagger to manage assets. My question is about credential assets. I don’t see any APIs on swagger to handle them specifically. They have two values and one of them is a secure string. And I don’t see any api call like that, unless I’m missing something.


If you expand the create asset in swagger api you would see the required keys for credentials

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You cant get credential password with swagger (at least I hope so).

By my experience:

  • Its possible to get login from credential asset with API
  • You can create/edit credential with activity from UiPath

I was also creating assets with API so I belive it is possible to do it with credentials.

I am not expecting that either. That will be needed only in UiPath to use the value. For that there are activities.

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