Get Credendentials stored in Assets

Hello Forum Members,
How can i get the credentials stored in assets using rest API?

I want to use these assets in python script, how can access credentials to it.

Hi @Satya_Kishore

Did u check orchestrator API documentation

No, i didnt checked it

Please check there

You can find an api call to retrive data from assets

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Hi @Satya_Kishore,

  1. You can start reading here: Consuming Cloud API (

  2. You can access a user friendly Swagger interface directly liked to your Orchestrator: API References (

  • on-premise - add the following suffix: /swagger/index.html to your Orchestrator URL. For example, .
  • Automation Cloud - add the account and tenant name, as well as the /swagger/index.html suffix to the URL. For example,[AccountLogicalName]/[TenantName]/swagger/index.html .
  1. Requesting assets: Assets Requests (

  2. In python it will simply be a post call from your flask or fastapi server with necessary auth token. I am a little unsure how python recieves for example the Secure.String password when this call is made to get Credentials (freetext?, encrypted text?) .

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Hey @Satya_Kishore,

Here is a quick workaround for you.

Make sure your robot is connected to orchestrator & use your asset name in the variable given in the workflow.

PFA - (2.3 KB)

Hope this helps

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks all for the inputs, i will check it and get back to you.

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