Can we use Pick Branch activity for only negative validation?


Let me explain with example:

I am opening a complaint number in desktop application. After opening I may get any one of 7 different error pop up or no error pop up.
I have created 7 pick branch with error pop up. It is working fine if there is any error and not working if there is no error.

How to handle if there is no error also?

Any idea with pick branch or without pick branch

Hi @vigneshnkv

If no error pop up ,what woud be the unique element popup in the screen?.
or check the generic popup window without unique value.
We can use element exists or check app state activity inside trigger and check.

All the screen and element will be available always, additionally any error pop up will come or will not come.

So we cannot have element check in the desktop screen. Because if we go with that, it will always go in that route and not check for error pop up.


I have a question like if no error comes all pickup branch will fail right ?