Can we perform toLower operation while selecting an element from dropdown box?



I have to select particular value from drop downbox. While passing input value to select item , can I perform .Trim() and .ToLower() function on drop downbox ?

E.g. : input value is "x.y"
Drop down box contains following values :

I want to select “X.y” to be selected even if I pass “x.y” to select item.


Hi there @alhad_alsi,
I’m fairly sure that the ‘Select Item’ activity is not case sensitive.



It is case sensitive.


Well I am having values stored with DOT separator.
E.g. :

Now , when I set the input as “David.Woldo” to select item , it works properly . But when when set the input to
John.Desley , it failed to find element in drop down box.


I stand corrected!



obviously it doesn’t work for (john.desley <>John.Desley ). Your dropdown item value is in small case and your input is in start case.
It should be in same case.((like David.Woldo= David.Woldo)
So it’s case sensitive .
according to your Dropdown item you need to change the input value and then pass it in select item activity.


:thinking: ?


Ummm… Ok. What I was trying to compare the values case independent. Like we can do it in C# programming. Anyway… Thanks for your help.