Value in drop down can be either in caps or small

Hi everyone

Value got from a webpage : Laptop Connect. I need to select in an another page in drop downlist and it appears there as “LAPTOP CONNECT” so select item does not work. There are hundreds of values like this which i need to match in drop downlist. Could you please suggest how to handle this?

If the case is constant for a given drop down list, you can convert the case of the option within the Select Item activity.
For instance, say the below drop down list has all options in caps, then convert the case to caps for that specific Select Item activity

here are the conversions that you can use :

strVariable.ToUpper - CAPS
strVariable.ToLower - lower case
StrConv(strVariable, VbStrConv.ProperCase) - Title Case

Will it also work if the the value in drop down is also of mixed letters. Let be more specific with the screen shot

For example my variable have value ACCounts and in drop down it is listed as Accounts.

Yes it would work.:+1:
ACCounts -> Accounts - The above methods would work perfectly.
Accounts -> ACCounts - You might have to do a bit of tweaking, with combinations of the above methods