Can we filter the output of GetExchangeMailMessage output to get particular email Subjects


I was previously using “getoutlookmailmessage” activity and due to some issues my outlook will load sometimes and sometimes it will be stuck.

So I just want to change the “getoutlookmailmessage” to “Get Exchange Mail Message”.

But main problem here is, I was not able to filter the Subject here. Can I filter the “Get Exchange Mail Message” output for the particular subject mails or is any other way we can do…

Please help me with this.


of course, you can filter your mails based condition after you read.
you may follow screenshot as below, you can see erros in my screenshot, just replace my variables with yours.
mail variable in for each must be type of



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Hi @Pankaj.Patil ,

Thanks for the help…

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