Can we Debug partial workflow ? we don't have Run From Step option?

i have set of workflows inter connected from start to end, if i want to validate just one part out of it - can i directly debug that partial workflow then starting from first one - provided my workflow is independent. as we don’t have run from step option - i am running full workflow again to debug particular sub workflow which is wasting my lost of time. please help me on this


Have you tried to put a breakpoint where you want then running the robot with “Debug Mode” or “Step Into” mode?


That doesn’t really answer the question because to get to the breakpoint, you would still have to run the workflow from the beginning.
I believe the question is “Is is possible to start debugging mode from the beginning of a step “within” the workflow without having to start from the beginning?”

Breakpoints aren’t the answer. It would be nice if there was a “Start from here” option or something equivalent.

There is a “Start from here” option. If you right click the activity you want to start from you can select that node to start from.

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Can u please provide steps to get that start from here option, i am not able to see by right clicking my activity ?

The Start from Here only appears when right clicking an activity in a Flowchart not a Sequence. Sorry should have clarified that first of all.

My Process for debugging specific sequences is to pull that into a fresh project and then navigate the software to the correct place to try this. This also allows me to test specific variable values that may have been set earlier in the flow.

No luck :frowning:

I tried same with flowchart also but still not able to get that option - can u please provide some informative screen shot if possible - it will be really useful

apologies, the option you are looking for is “Set as Start Node”

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Ohh got it, it can partially solve my problem as i can select workflow as Start node which i need to validate individually, but we will not be able to start with particular activity which is not in workflow format but is in sequential
thank you again :slight_smile: