Can We connect MS-Access Remotely

Hi Friends,

I am able to connect MS-Access to my local system.

But i am looking for a remote based solution in which 4-5 user will upload the data, through the BOT and we don’t have any centralized Data base.

We are thinking to use MS. Access , Is it possible,

If yes , Could you please help how

Its possible, but the bot must be able to access the location of the database. When you say they upload through the bot I have to assume via input arguments or an attended bot, if its an attended bot then that user needs access to the location of the database.

You cannot use a cloud location or OneDrive etc for MSAccess. It must be a network share with stable access.

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Thanks , I got Stuck in one situation if you can guide me.


  • I am reading a PDF , sales PDF
  1. user have some report daily , Total 3 sheet data i have
  2. I need to consolidate all sheet data in one , as well as keep the track of all sheet data , individually
  3. I used Data service to save all sheet data
  4. But for consolidation , I need to do reverse engineering,

Any Better approach ?

I feel like you are veering off topic and if you want to discuss the design of your project it perhaps makes sense in another topic.

If you don’t understand my advice regarding using an Access Database then please be specific which part is unclear.