Can we automate MS Excel File?

Hi All,

I am trying to automate Excel File , where I have to open Excel File and then click on File Option and Select Print option, where I have select printer dropdown and choose Printer type, Then click on No Scaling option to choose “Fit all columns on one Page” And click to Save As option and click on Browse option, then save as window will open and save your file as pdf.

Mainly focus all columns fit into one page and then convert into pdf file.

for reference sharing screen shot:-


Any suggestions??


Yes you can automate these steps. Just record the steps how you are going to do it manually.

Why not just use the Export feature that directly creates a PDF? You don’t have to “print to PDF”

@lakshman Selectors does not support

@postwick I need to fit all columns in one page than save into pdf.


What do you mean by not support ?