How to active SSH client (such as putty) via the Package SSHConnector?

Hi Everyone.
I’m trying to connect to Linux via UiPath.
Then I found the package: “Connection to SSH Server
I used the “SSH connect Scope”.
But after setting the properties, I still can not successfully build the connection with Linux host.

I guess that I need to set the path of the Putty.exe to let UiPath can create the connection.
But I could not find the way to set the path.

Does any one has any suggestion?
If more information is needed, please let me know.
Thanks for the Help!

Hi all,
I tried and error and found the answer.
First, It would not open a console window, but it can still connect to the linux host if your settings is right.
For example, refer to the image below:
Then it will create a folder “aaa” in the linux host.

Share my finding with anyone who has the same question!

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