Can UiPath read foreign language content?

Does UiPath support languages other than English? i.e. if I am using UiPath to read a web page, e.g. which is in Portuguese, will I be able to extract the text from the web page?


I see no reasons for not work :slight_smile:

You just have to pay attention with the website language. Selectors may change their names if the webpage is in another language. So if you extract the web page in Portguese, may not work in English (in some cases).


Your question is a bit confusing! UiPath itself supports different languages (see Studio β†’ Settings β†’ Language). Automation activities like Get Text don’t really care about the language on web pages. They care for the technical language of the website, the programming language. The HTML-Tags like
<html app='firefox.exe' title='Support for languages other than English*' />
are used as selectors to identify the element.


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Thanks @Lucas.Pimenta. This has clarified my thoughts too on this.

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Thanks @lukasziebold. This helps!


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