Is UiPath support chinese language

please let me know whether UiPath support Chinese language or not.

what would you like to Automate with UiPath?

hi Gabrial,

Thank for your quick reply.

I want to read excel sheet which have Chinese data.

I will take one by one and login to Chinese website and compare the excel sheet data to the one of the text data(textbox field) which is Chinese.

eg. In excel sheet name in Chinese and also same name in Chinese website . I want to compare these two name whether matched or not after login to website.

just give it a go, see what happens, my thoughts are that it will, just fine.

Can anyone confirm if they have implemented a use case involving Excels, Webpages and Citrix automation for chinese language applications

Hi @sumita.narang

Please give it a try :slight_smile: Normally the automation should be language independent at this point :smiley: