Can UiPath be used to read engineering drawings from design tools like CATIA, CAD etc

I have a requirement to read text from engineering drawing design tools like CATIA, CAD and paste in different tools. And I am not sure if UiPath tool can provide that functionality or not, If someone has an idea, could anyone help me to confirm it?


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Hi there @gaurav_goyal

Welcome to uipath community. Incidentally this question is right up my alley, as I am a Mechanical post-graduate turned RPA Engineer.

First of all, getting the data, setting it, clicking and human actions can be mimicked in UiPath which are decision based (and cognition in the near future with RPA++)

CATIAv5, or FEA tools like ANSYS or NASTRAN or anything like Solid edge, AutoCAD everything works on a rendering application that store data in a different way and render it differently. They are not built for automation nor data can be extracted from it as the whole canvas where designs are made will be shown as a single frame.

Anyone who develops it must keep a provision for automation to work (like uielements in apps, API etc) whcich will in-turn give you a value to extract or set and subsequently get desired result.

Just out of pure curiosity, what were you planning on automation in CATIA using UiPath? Was it just data extraction or even the design part? (which would be greatly ambitious bordering on impossible)


Hi @Raghavendraprasad Thanks a lot for your response.
Actually i got a requirement where the team is asking if we can extract engineering drawings from such kind of design tools and paste it one some other tools.

Thus, It is not automation of CATIA using UiPath just extract engineering drawings from it and paste it on some other tools.

Well @gaurav_goyal

Do you need drawings only? As am Image?

Yes drawing only as an image. I guess i can save the drawings in PDF format and then extract it. Right?

Yup. A screenshot, pdf is possible. :slight_smile:

We are Werk24 ( might have a solution for you (sadly no UiPath integration so far; but why not?)

We are not only reading the title block (drawing ID, designation, material etc), but also details about the design (measures, tolerances, fits, threads, GD&Ts, angles etc). For some simple parts we can even generate a 3D approximation from the 2D file. - works also for scanned files.

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