AutoCAD automation possible

Hi guys,

Is there any way by which uipath can identify drawing numbers/elements from AutoCAD drawings?


In this drawing can the bot identify each elements exactly?

Hi @batBot

I don’t have much idea on AutoCAD. But may I know how these images are stored? as images or in any other format? I think you can use OCR techniques to read the text in the top right corner of the image…

Usually we can read only the text in this autoCAD image buddy
That too based on the region selected or the file type passed

And we won’t be able to read or either identify the parts or elements from this file

Cheers @batBot

Hi guys,

I know that with OCR we can get text, and it will be able to read the text of the drawings if we convert it to PDF but my question is, will the bot recognize what type of image is stored in the drawing?

For eX: if the image is of an engine then the bot should be able to identify this as an engine system. Or if it is a break disc it should identify this as part of break system.

I think it is not possible for the bot to identify these as parts as we do with our eye.

What are your thoughts in this!

Hi @batBot,

OCR can only identify text characters on images/ PDF files, there are two ways you can implement this:

  1. From the image, I can see that there is a table detailing the materials, OCR can be used on the table to extract the name of the components.

  2. By using the newly available AI Fabrics option in the orchestrator, you can create your “Machine Learning” model to identify the components in the image and extract them


I have the same requirement, is the issue resolved? @batBot



I’m a RPA Architect and RPA Developer with experience in Architecture AutoCAD, 3D Max and similar software solutions.

I would like to volunteer to design and implement the automation from beginning to the end. Please could you share a power point / slides with the current manual process?