Can two studio bots be provisioned in same machine and work simultaneously?

Hi guys,

Please advice on the following questions,
1.Can I run two development bots provided in UiPath community edition in the same machine with same credentials?
2. Also, can i make two development robots perform 10 transactions each (out of 20 transactions) at the same time in the same machine?

P.S: Getting the following error: The user * from machine PCIN48**** is already used by another robot (#1001)

Santa Krish

You cannot run two bots at the same time on the same machine.
When one bot is already running, you cannot trigger other bot. The machine has to be available when bot has to run.

Karthik Byggari


With the same credentials no, however if you are using a host that allows for multiple concurrent logons, you can configure two robots with different credentials for the same machine/host.

While you can build your automation to handle such a scenario; Seems like a strict, why not build your process to be transactional so that 1 or more robots can process the units one at a time until complete? Be mindful of your use case the TOS on a Studio/Development robot is not intended for ‘production’ use cases.