Can Not Find Xaml Files In Published Nuget File Of Windows Project On Robot Computer

The Robot runs a Windows process and the xaml source files are not found in the extracted lib folder of the published nuget file, unlike the Windows-legacy projects.

After upgrading Studio from an earlier version to 22.10, it is possible to convert Windows-Legacy projects into Windows project. Publishing the Windows project to Orchestrator creates a nupkg file, but with a different structure. With a Windows-Legacy project, the .xaml files were stored in the lib\net45 folder, whereas with Windows projects, the xaml files are stored in the "contents" folder.


  1. When publishing a Windows project into Orchestrator, enable the "Include sources" option from the Publish Options menu.
  1. Have the Robot execute the job based on this process. This will automatically download the process package into the Robot's default package storage location.
  2. De-compile and navigate through the package source accessing the "content" folder. For Windows-Legacy, use the "lib" folder, but Windows projects have all the xaml files in the "content” folder.
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