I am not find dictionary activities in uipath

Hello experts
I am working on dictionary and I am searching dictionary related activities but I could not found it as search result I have check that i need to download package Microsoft activities extension but its not listed in package list please help me out to resolve this problem

Hi @Aleem_Khan ,

You need to check on the Manage package settings tab. you have to select the option for official. Then in teh “All Packages” tab search for that and install it.

ensure following:

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still not found i am using community version 2020

use the dot as well for the filtering, try again

I did it but not visible

could it be the case that the network is blocking the feeds consumption?

As only UiPath Packages are offered it is different to our result (did the same filtering) and is a hint that only the local available packages are found.

Have check for the filters as well: