Installing and using community edition for learning in company resources

We have a few of employee who are interested in learning UiPath. And we are planning to have them install the community edition on their office laptops.
We already have a licensed UiPath(On-prem) instance with 5 Unattended bot being used.
The company is quiet big, ie. its not a small company or start up. So are we allowed to use community edition for new recruits who what to learn and train in UiPath?
Or seperate developer licenses are needed?

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The uipath community edition is indeed used in the learning process, using the cloud orchestrator provided by the community version

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Hi @Nikhilesh_Joshi ,
If I simply say the answer is YES,
For the reason of learning and training purpose, you can use the community edition, only the enterprise-level organization cannot use community edition for enterprise use (for live environments)

so actually you don’t need to have a separate license for it, still can be used community edition for training purpose.
Anyway, your Live environment and community version may differ because CE always keeps up with the latest updates and feachers.

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