Can i save an image in clipboard?

Is there a way where I can save an image to a clipboard ? So that I can paste it afterward in an excel.
if I am able to save the save the screenshot as image variable. How do I use this image variable directly in excel ? (I understand I have to use alt+n then p, but is there something where i can directly use the image variable)
How do I simulate “PrtSC” action.?

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You might look at the Take screenshot activity. It let’s you output the image to a variable.
Then, possibly you could use the Save Image activity so you can import it into Excel or Word using UI Automation.

It’s not something I’ve done but hope that gives you atleast one idea.


Hello Clayton , thats what I am doing currently . But wanted to know if there is a straight forward process of Printscr+ctrl+v ?

All i can think of is setting up the hotkey to snipping tool :wink:
Or use OSK

Clipboard.xaml (9.4 KB)


Bravo pal.:clap:

AWESOME !!! Thanks !!

That’s fantastic. Thank you.

Does anybody know how from a Selected Range of Excel copied in the clipboard, how to convert to an image variable?

Thanks in advance.

I dont think that will be a case for excel.

In excel, select the cells ,ctrl+c ,then go to another excel , go to sell ctrl+v

if you want to take the selected cell as image , then select take screenshot and provide the clipping region.

sample.xlsx (9.0 KB)
rangeCapture.xaml (21.5 KB)


I have to take multiple screenshots.

The first screen shot works fine but while taking second screenshot ,I am getting this error-


In the invoke method, Did you have pass in parameters the image variable?

Thanks buddy

I would have spend another 2hrs inspecting this…Thanks a lot !

Hi All,
I am getting the following error.
Can anyone help me out with this.