Can i run BOT on one screen , and work on another screen using duel screen

Hi All,

i have an issue with bot run using duel screen.
I am accessing VM using VPN and put that window on another monitor and run it there.i face few issue there at some point of time.
is there any solution for that, simply i can’t do this?


Hi, that is possible to do, but will depend on the activities you as a developer choose to use in your processes, as some can move the mouse pointer, type using the keyboard etc…


You can do it, there are 2 ways of doing it, First and most recommended is using the simulated clicks/types so don’t matter the position of the screen or fields, Second one is with coordinates, but to do this is going to be easier if you develop it in the position where the screen is going to be relative to the dual monitors, this way once you run if will have the exact position within the monitors

If the bot is installed in the VM, then just keep the mouse off that window and keep it over on your other monitor. This will not interfere with the automation run.

If the bot is installed on your own machine (not a VM), then “realistically” you have problems doing this, as there are some elements which don’t work with the Simulate option. If you are able to use Simulate, then you can do whatever you want and it won’t interfere. I don’t think coordinates will work, because if your mouse moves or keyboard types, then it interferes, and only way is to use Simulate which doesn’t need the window active. The SendWindowsMessage option needs the window active, but shouldn’t need your mouse and keyboard.

But, like I said, realistically you will probably find an issue getting a 100% Simulate automation. This will depend on what you are automating though. For example, the Save/Open dialogues usually don’t work with Simulate, but maybe Set Web Attribute would work for that. :man_shrugging: