Working on my computer while a Studio X bot is running

I am using Studio X to run local automations at my desktop. Can I do other activities on my computer at the same time an automation is running on my computer, or will that cause the automation to stop/fail? If so, is there a workaround? /Thx.

Hello @dean.virag, if you are using click activities. Please go to properties of that activity. Go to Input mode, and then change the value of input mode to Simulate.

Do not this does not work for all applications/systems

Yes. So the bot I am working with uses chrome and does a lot of clicking & typing in fields on a website. What you are saying is that by changing the Input mode to Simulate, I should be able to work with other things on my computer while the automation is running.

on the Run button you have the option to run in PiP mode, that will open another instance of Windows on your machine where the flow will run. Just bear in mind that PiP have few limitation yet. For example if using the outlook app, you need to close it in order for the robot to be able to access it on the new instance.

So now if I understand correctly, I need to run my local Studio X projects in PIP in order to continue to use my computer while the automation is running? Sorry for the confusion. I am just trying to understand what I have gotten myself into…

Yes, if at the same time you want to use your computer, you need to run StudioX in PiP mode


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