Can I prevent UiPath Studio from minimizing everytime I click Run?



It’s annoying - I wanna see the logs run and I have to click the studio task bar icon to get the window back up immediately after clicking run. Anyway to stop this?


if you run UiPath in debug mode it will stay up and you can watch it go through the automation (as long as it is the window on top)


Debug mode is horrendous and takes absolutely ages just to get to the part that I want to debug. I prefer using Log Messages. Again, is there any way to prevent the minimize?



Bring UiPath to Front.xaml (6.9 KB)
So this is not a very elegant solution, but it should work. Before anything else in your process, have an attach window activity which attaches to your UiPath Studio - this is used to create a Window Variable which can be used with both restore window activity and maximise window activity to bring the Ui Path studio to the front during your automation. You can then carry on with the process and UiPath should remain up in the background.

if you use my example as a template you will probably have to use ‘indicate on screen’ to update the selector in the attach window activity