Can I pass outgoing value from invoke directly to a datarow cell?

Is this possible? I want to add the value to a cell in a datarow instead of assigning it to a variable and then updating my datarow.

The argument row would look something like this:

out_Variable Out String DataRowObject(“column”)

Of course, the above is not working. This is probably tied to .net and since the datarow cell is not a ‘String’ it can’t be assigned. I’m thinking there could be some sort of method to add?

Hi @vincera,

We have a activity Write cell, to update the cell values directly in the studio.

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Hi @vincera,
Like @HareeshMR said you can use Write Cell activity and define to which cell you will write the data. Arguments used in workflows you can use normally like variables.

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Not sure we are thinking of the same thing… I want to assign directly in the invoke like this:

You are trying to assign to variable of string type the whole column. It will not work as string can have only single string element. You could export column to a List of String or DataTable.

You can do that in the workflow. You have the argument name as out_Variable i.e, already declared and use assign activity inside the workflow to assign the value to argument. You are not creating any variable but you are assigning value directly to the argument.
But we need to know that Arguments also do the same as variables do within the workflow