Can i create Trigger for a folder in Egnyte Dynamically?

I had one folder in egnyte. when file is placed in that folder i need to download that file. and also few more folders will also gets created , bot should check all folders and find files in it.

Hi @MitheshBolla

You can try with File Change Trigger activity


Check out this tutorial

Check out this video link

Check this thread too


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I had gone thorugh this , here we had one folder and he is checking newly created files.
In my scenario new folders will be created and i need to trigger files created for that new folders!

Hi @MitheshBolla

Check out the above tutorial it like the same concept. If the new folder is create it will do some thing inside that folder.

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My folder in egnyte had
if i keep trigger to this folder.
i will have new companyname or Area or Employeename.

Will it be trigerred dynamically?