Can i build UiPath project as executable file

Hi, I want to build Uipath project as an executable so that my customer can use it with a just click.

Is it possible? if so how to do it?

Thanks in advance


as far as i know you can start robot using cmd (creating bat file) , please refer this link

There is topic about it:

Right, but building an .EXE of your project is no longer possible. From my understanding, the customer needs UiRobot.exe installed that comes with Studio. Then, they can trigger the project through commandline shown in @RJ_Kadari’s reply.

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Thanks RJ, Katkon and Clayton…

So overall i understand that we can not create .exe now from uipath project…

I have only community version, so i cannot verify. Are you saying that these steps to create an exe with studio version are not longer supported?

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Hi @Pupina
That is correct. The “Create App” button or EXE compiler was retired a while ago and replaced with “Publish” button which is used to deploy the project into Orchestrator and/or be used with UiRobot.exe which comes with Studio installation. Therefore, you must have Studio installed on the machine to run the robot.

This is from my understanding.

There has been additional ways to run the robot via commandline, which then you can create a batch script to run your robot. However, this still requires that the UiRobot.exe is running on the machine… This also let’s you use the built-in Task Scheduler, even though it’s not supported by UiPath since they provide Orchestrator which is better anyway.


Thanks. Can you tell me in this new escenario how can you protect source code ?



Thanks, is there another way to protect your source code?

Hi Sandra,

What version do you have? Please check the Security project considerations available since 2018.1.1 version:

Hi Ovi. I read about that feature. I found it very useful for users. My concern is how a consultant firm can protect their code from clients if they want to to pursue a cheaper price for the client. I am conducting a research for a consultancy company and I do not know how to replace old feature where you can create an exe file and protect your source code. Do you know if there is a way to do that ? Thanks

The possibility to create an exe file was not still available. Is there a new feature that replaces that functionality? If you want to generate an executable, is possible?

Hello Pupina,

I hope everything is great with you.

I am sharing the same concern with you. Could you able to find a solution?


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No. Not yet.
With other product I can use Proguard obfuscation. I did not try with Uipath. May be you can use something like that.

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This seems to be a major failure for UIPath. There is no way to distribute a robot to a set of users without them installing UIPath themselves.

So, if I wanted to build a robot that automates moving data between two applications that don’t have APIs, I can do that, but I can’t get it to users of those applications.

Why is that? This makes no sense at all.

Additionally, I have reached out to UIPath Sales for a response and still nothing.

Is UIPath shutting down?

Hello Pupina,

i hope you are doing well.

Have got the resolution for the same?

Why it is not possible to create exe file ? Thanks GOD save me from wasting my money to buy UI path. I was wondering UIPath is a bigger company. LOL… when dont even they provide such most required features.