Publish (Deploy) Create a exe file

How can I create an exe file for the process I have designed. I referred to this site Following are issues I am facing

  1. I see publish button instead of create app. I guess that is an upgrade? (correct me if I am wrong)
  2. When I publish my workflow, it creates nupkg package.

So my question is, can I create and exe format? if yes how? and what can I do with nupkg package.

For now, I have license for UIpath Studio alone.

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Someone needs to take that page down, or mark it as outdated very clearly…

It has been changed - current deployment options are either to Orchestrator (think centralized hub for robot processes) or locally. Both are publishing .nupkg, which can be run by a robot.

There are a couple of ways of starting the process (shortcut, tray, studio, orchestrator schedule, windows task scheduler), depending on needs and licensing type (community or professional).
You can start with checking resources here.

Sidenote - some of the GitHub docs can be useful, but a lot of it is out of date. Please refer to Resources on (forum.) instead.



I have a flow which I have created and needs to be used by one of the end user for verifying the process. How could it be done with minimum investment of time by the end users on software requirement. Do we need UIpath studio or Orchestrator to take it forward?

Is there any work around this?

@marius Can we mark those as obsolete?


Assuming you have the uipath robot installed on the machine - you could create a basic exe file in visual studio with the xaml embeded in resources. When opened, the exe copies the xaml locally (in temp folder?) and passes the file path when calling robot.exe.


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Can you please share a link to Orchestrator API?

I can´t undersand,can you give a tuturial or a example pleasse

Can anyone tell me how to create a .exe file for the process i created and deployed in Orchestrator