Can attended BOT be triggered from orchestrator

How to trigger a attended from orchestrator? what are the steps?

Attended robot cannot be triggered on Orchestrator.
I think you can use this feature.
Note please.


Attended / Studio type robots can only start a job/process from the UiPath Assistant / Agent Desktop. If the Process created in an Environment or Modern Folder that you have permission to.

In order to start a job or create a Trigger from Orchestrator, the Robot must be of type Unattended or Non-Production.

This is a change that came with Orchestrator 20.3.

From the UiPath Assistant / Agent Desktop you can schedule a reminder to run a job, this will provide a prompt to the user before the job is executed.

The reason for the change is because scheduling of a remote job on a attended robot would be invasive and potentially interrupt the user while they are actively doing something critical such as working on something time sensitive or maybe interacting with a customer etc.


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