Can anyone help me on Sharepoint get list items

Currently we are using UipathTeam.sharepoint.activities , to get list items from sharepoint. This activity is failing now due to token request issue. can anyone help on this

Hello Barathi,

Bearer is just a string no need of getting from anywhere

Acces token can be get from the sharepoint app

Anexinet – 14 Oct 19

Getting An Access Token For Sharepoint Online | Blog

Learn how to obtain an access token for SharePoint 2019 and online so you can take advantage of modern process automation through Microsoft Flow.

Check above for getting the access token

So you need to provide as below

Header Name - “Authorization” = “Bearer” +" "+ YourAccessToken

Hope this may help you



Not sure what package you are using for SharePoint interaction but you should be using

Ashok :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone. :slightly_smiling_face: We have identified the issue, activity was failing due to client secrets were expired.