Can any one suggest me difference between process and workflow

can any one suggest me difference between process and workflow

Hi @Aditya10989,

Workflow is where we build our automation in UiPath Studio, representation of multiple activities, you can say sequences, flowcharts are types of workflow.

Process is the terms we mainly use in Orchestrator, when we publish a workflow it becomes package in Orchestrator and when we bind that package with an environment it becomes a Process.
Process is the one we run from orchestrator in the form of job.

So if want a difference then, I would say… We run the workflow from Studio and Process from Orchestrator again in the form of job.



Process is a combination of multiple workflows or a single workflow which will be bring you a outcome for example downloading status report. There will be multiple workflows for achieving this process like login navigation, scrape, save as an excel. after all this there is a outcome which is status report

Workflows you can consider it as an container where we keep all activities, logic’s etc. for example login to Facebook. for this you need to create a workflow with open browser, type user name and password click login.

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