Can able to able to extract PDF data in to SAP BUSINESS ONE

Megahertz_Payment_Recpt_ST250_SRVR_01-03-2021.pdf (60.5 KB) Swati_Seeds_Akola_Ref_Tripal_P_(.P.U.Bank)22-01-2021.pdf (58.2 KB)

I want Beneficiary Account, Payment Date, Amount , Remark data to extract in SAP BUSINESS ONE OUTGOING PAYMENTS from above pdf. i have also other pdf i want multiple pdf data extract into SAP BUSINESS ONE.

so, how can i do this please help me out

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Hi @badal_patel

Also, the files seem to contain sensitive information about client accounts.
Please make sure you have appropriate approvals or exceptions in place for sharing these documents on forums. In situations such as this, it’s recommended to use dummy data if possible.
I know it’s not technical advice, just thought it was important to mention.

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