How can i import pdf data to SAP Business One?

It is possible to extract data from PDF and import to SAP Business One?

Hello @badal_patel ,

What kind of data you want to extract from pdf files? Are Invoices?

If yes, as options there is Document Understanding, Regex…

outSwati_Seeds_Akola_Ref_Tripal_P_(.P.U.Bank)22-01-2021.pdf (58.2 KB) Megahertz_Payment_Recpt_ST250_SRVR_01-03-2021.pdf (60.5 KB)

I want Beneficiary Account, Payment Date, Amount , Remark data to extract in SAP BUSINESS ONE OUTGOING PAYMENTS from above pdf. i have also other pdf i want multiple pdf data extract and import into SAP BUSINESS ONE.

so, how can i do this please help me

Duplicate of

I have already provided the complete workflow with 4 pdfs, including the one which i quoted above… I am not sure why are you keep asking to extract the details from this pdf again??? any reason??

On this one, the reason why it is failing because that format of the pdf is little different than the previous ones…for ex:


plus I do noted some other places too…

Another big concern I have is: These pdfs has the sensitive information about the customers bank details which is PII data..

I want to import that data into SAP Business One Outgoing Payment , How can i do this? is it possible?

please reply