Can a robot work without using a laptop?

Hi all RPA-Experts!

I created a robot that works with the web site. It works perfectly on my laptop.
But can the robot work without using the laptop in case it needs access to a website? Are there any alternatives?

Thanks in advance!

@Iness_5 I guess we need more clearance on that part :sweat_smile: Do you mean by not opening the website in Browser ?

OK, I mean, is it possible for Robot to work not only on a laptop, but perhaps using VM or Server in this case? or just using a laptop and not in any other way?

@Iness_5 Yes, Although I have not used it in VM’s but installations and running jobs as we do in the normal machines is also possible using VM’s or Servers

Hi @Iness_5

All this depends on what all activities you have used while developing the bot on your laptop.

2nd thing is that the system configuration and many other things for laptop and VM/Server also matters.

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Er Pratik Wavhal :robot::man_technologist:t4: :computer:

Hi @Pratik_Wavhal !
thank you! :grinning:
I’d like to be more clear. If the robot opens the site, login, and, for example, confirms the requests, can it work on the server?
Maybe you know where I could read more about it?

@supermanPunch thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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hi @Iness_5

It is possible that you mention above.

Same thing as @supermanPunch said, me too haven’t tried this thing in practical. :sweat_smile:

But yes it is possible to do.

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Er Pratik Wavhal :robot::man_technologist:t4: :computer:

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