Campare two excel sheet and searching

I am camparing two sheet 1 sheet contain all the data and 2 sheet contains some less data if data not found in 2 sheet then it should perform some task …
How can we do that …
I have given in two for loop and if conditions but it cannot perform that task…
Please help me…
Thanks and regards
Ravi gupta.

Have you tried running a for each on sheet 1 and filtering sheet 2 to see if data is there?

Yes i have searched .but its going on loop …

What do you mean?

If i give in else then going into a loop

I can’t see it very well. Can you try a screen capture?

I have 1 excel which have like 385 entry
And second excel sheet having like 350 entry
I have to campare 1 with 2
And if data not found in the 2 excel sheet then search a query

For Each: Sheet 1
> Filter Sheet 2 to TempTable
> If TempTable.Rows.Count > 0, then record exists in Sheet 2, perform query. Otherwise, continue.

This is working fine but when remaing data is not been executed which is in sheet 1

Table 1 table 2

  1.           1 
  2.            2 

Like this
I have 2 data in table 2 i have to search only for 3 and 4 data which is in table 1 that is not present in table 2
Can u please make a xaml file
Thanks in advance…:relaxed: